I am a t-shirt with a message wearing mama.  So I  created some t-shirts based on healing your soul and biblical truths.  Take a peek and see if one grabs ya.


I will have hand crafted anointing oil (essential oils and prayed over) soon.  Shoot me an email me if you want to be notified when it is ready.



Let's Go Shopping!

Everybody loves T-shirts!  If you do not like mine, maybe you will see another one that tickles your fancy.



Today, I choose joy (t-shirt). 


Other Items


Tallit (Prayer shawl)


Shofar (rams horn)


* You will see anointing oil from Jerusalem as you look at these items, do not purchase (like I did). It, unfortunately, smells like motor oil :(


Armor of God figurine (a great reminder of the spiritual tools given to us to fight our enemy).