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Here's the thing...This site is about you. Your life. Your journey

Do you feel disconnected to God?

Do you get triggered easily and do not know why?

Do you feel lost?

Have you spent years in therapy without real healing?

I feel you, which is why I am here.

About 12 years ago I experienced God in a shiny new way. He healed some of my emotional garbage and some odd issues I was carrying around that traditional therapy could not touch. It was so freeing! (read that story here).

One can discuss triggers (old wounds) and maybe even pinpoint where the trigger originated. But to heal from the old wound in traditional therapy can take years or maybe never heal. You just learn to cope.


I'm going to share with you what I have learned. Not by just sharing pastoral counseling tools, but with spiritual tools, so that you can learn what I did and receive some emotional freedom, too!

During that experience,  I also learned how God communicates to us...not just through scripture (but you always want to make sure scripture backs it up). AND that He actually wants to have a deep and loving friendship with us.

Which is why I am an "out of the box" retired therapist turned Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor.  Psychotherapy can be great...but doesn't always get to the root issue(s) and many times does not address spiritual issues. 

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I specialize in helping stuck people get unstuck and heal.  Many times you will learn awesome tools in counseling or coaching but find you can't use them.  Something is blocking the way. 


That "something" is oftentimes a false belief you are subconsciously believing, and/or a spiritual issue.  Once that false belief or spiritual issue is dealt with, you can then use the tools you learned in counseling.


I would love to help you uncover that "something" so you can live out the life you were created for.

We will also look at your inborn temperament.  This is an important piece of the puzzle. We often do not understand our temperament (we are born with temperament...our personality develops from that based on different factors) and how that plays out in our relationships. Learning your temperament can help you know yourself better and help you flourish by honoring your inborn needs.


But what about God?

Oh yes, the most important thing I hope you can take away is learning that God fiercely loves you, no matter where you are in life.


If you think that just maybe you want to explore more, here's my hand.  Let's take this journey together!


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