It is nice to know a little bit about the person feeding you information, isn't it?  Well, here we go!
I am a retired psychotherapist turned licensed clinical pastoral counselor
What is the difference you ask?  
Often times Christian counselors are licensed therapists that must follow the mandates of their state.  They cannot encourage Christian living nor turn to scripture unless a client asks for it.  I could not continue doing this because my belief is that Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6) and I want to help all my clients turn to Him. 
Why should you care?

Because my career, training in Christian counseling, inner healing and knowledge of the New Age mixed together can help YOU.  Yes, you.

Let me explain...
Prior to my education, I grew up in a Christian home in a very small town. At age 18 I left this precious place to be a nanny in a large city. In another state.  Where my parents could not see what I was up to.  This is where I was introduced to the New Age.
The New Age is very much about metaphysics, energy and spiritual matters (the New Age has essentially high-jacked God's creations to turn it into something without Him--which makes it sinful). 
I was so hungry to understand spiritual matters that I eventually had my own spirit guides, I sought mediums, channelers, learned to read tarot cards, dabbled in Wiccan, and attended any kind of New Age convention I could (they are everywhere if you know where to look).
Fast forward 15 years (to 15 years ago).
I met my soon to be husband (who was a Christian). He facilitated getting me back to Jesus.  Thank you, Dave!
What you need to know now, is this:
Spiritual stuff exists.  The dark and the light. It is all around us.  All the time. See Ephesians 6:10-19. 
The spiritual stuff very much impacts our lives. 
I do not think I would have such an understanding had I not gone through the New Age years.  Since my eyes have been open to the spiritual side of living, I have noticed most of my clients that I have worked with since then have had negative spiritual goo attached to them.
Thank God, He gave us the tools to fight the darkness (see 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and Ephesians 6:11-17).
Back to the New Age stuff...The beauty of my New Age experience is that I can sniff b.s. (bad stuff) a mile away (this is a great example of 1 Corinthians 2:14.)  New Agers believe in some sort of god and it can be very misleading when reading their posts or books. 
The work I do is what you would find in a traditional counseling office.  We talk, process, I give homework and tools, but you will not be diagnosed AND the state does not have access to your records. 
You will also learn how to connect more deeply with God.  I can lead you in getting blockages, triggers and emotional pain healed. case you were wondering, I have been spiritually cleansed of all the New Age stuff.
So, I will only share things with you that are rooted in the Bible with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as our focus.
Cheering you on!