These resources are people, places, education, etc that I have referred to my clients over the last 17 years. I will not recommend anything that I do not value highly.  Many of these are free to you, some are paid. Some are affiliates, which means I will get paid a teeny tiny commission if you purchase something from the link.

Communion with God Ministries. This is how I learned the nitty-gritty of how to hear God when I pray.  This site has educational resources as well as a ton of free stuff to get you going.  I LOVE this ministry!

Sid Roth.  This guy.  He is a Messianic Jew with a TV show.  His guests talk about everything awesome!  Spiritual stuff, angels, growing close with God, miracles, etc.  You can watch his show on TV or on the net. 


Sozo ministry.  This ministry is WOW!  Combines a handful of awesome tools into one session to get rid of a ton of garbage (a.k.a. the lies we believe).  Powerful stuff!  Here is the link to the book.  The book outlines the process much better than the website.  Do not even think for a half-second that this book will prepare you to lead a session (even on yourself).  You still need training :-)

Sozo is one type of inner healing but covers a lot of ground. Sessions are 2-3 hours. A handful of churches offer this ministry. To find someone in your area, click here.


Spirit Wars.  All about spiritual warfare.  Written by a pastor from Bethel. Well written, interesting, and conversational style (rather than a textbook).


Jesus Calling.  My go-to devotional.  Written as Jesus talking to us backed up with scripture.  You can get a hard copy or add it to your Kindle device. I have it in both forms.  There's one for your child too! (Yes, my daughter has one).  LOVE this.


War Room:  Rent it on Amazon.  It is a GREAT example of how the enemy can sneak into our marriages and what to do it about it.  The principals can be applied to any area of your life.

Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf. This book explains the science of how your brain can heal from toxic thought patterns.  While she is a Christian, her approach is not inner healing based.  But what I love is that when you allow God to heal lie-based thinking, her book explains how it works.


The Intercessors: Fiction based on truth. These books are SO good I cannot put them down.  These are geared towards teenagers, but adults love them too!  Are you looking for an alternative to Harry Potter? These are it!  By the way, this author has written books for children and tweens, too.  Start with book 1.

Freedom Flowers: I was thrilled to have found this company! These are flower essences to help you on your journey of emotional healing. I have tried a variety of different essences and found them to be very helpful.  These are affordable, do not interact with any meds and even your pets can take them! Since I cannot prescribe meds or herbs I often will suggest my clients take these to help with their healing.

The owner, Seneca, is a strong Christian and is very helpful.  I mention this because I was not quite sure when I looked at her website. Her clients come from all faiths, so she keeps that in mind in her marketing. I have met Seneca and feel she has been very helpful not just to me but also to some of my clients. 


While flower essences may seem weird, they work! God created it, so why not give it a try?


Courtside Ministries has a 24-hour prayer line: 1-773-231-8212

700 Club Prayer Line: 1-800-700-7000