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* I am unable to work with new clients until August 2024. If you would like to work with me, let me know and I will add you to the wait list.

I am a boutique/concierge office which means I will only work with a certain amount of clients at one time.  This way you will not have to wait weeks to get in if you are an established client. There is no extra fee for this.


Sometimes I am at capacity but I do offer a waiting list. Since inner healing cuts down talk therapy by months, your wait to get in should not be too long.


In our sessions, we will address/review you holistically.  This means that we will discuss the following:


* Your soul/mind (temperament, personality, will, & emotions).

* Body issues (sleep, dreams, health, exercise, self-care, etc).

* Spirit (nurturing your spirit. Your spirit is different than your soul).


These parts all make up you.


I may recommend lifestyle changes, supplements (with your doctor's approval), Bible reading, books, essential oils, & flower essences to support your healing journey.  I often will give homework that includes music therapy, Christian meditation, journaling, self-care, etc.


Since I was trained and licensed as a psychotherapist for the first 12 years of my career (before becoming a Christian therapist), I utilize the best parts of psychotherapy with inner healing & holistic tools. I chose to relinquish my state license in 2016 and am now a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (this differs from a state-licensed therapist), which fits my work much better. I have been a therapist over 20 years.


I believe that many times counseling needs to go beyond talk therapy. It must if you need healing. Therefore, I offer a unique healing method that involves listening prayer with Jesus healing emotional wounds, renewing your mind, rescuing & healing fractured soul parts (similar to memories), & bringing you to wholeness. There is usually some deliverance involved as well. 

I have been trained in a handful of Christian emotional healing ministries (including Sozo, Theophostic, Splankna & Heart Sync as well as God teaching me some), but quite honestly, I do not use just one method. God has a plan for you and your healing journey, so we invite Him to guide us. 

Sometimes we will incorporate EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a great tool that helps your body release emotional pain. I am constantly learning and offer new tools as I learn them.

If you are looking for only prayer ministry, I do not offer that. My work is a combination of counseling and healing work. If you want focused prayer ministry without counseling, you can start here.


Since I am licensed with the NCCA (National Christian Counseling Association) and ordained with RENCO, I can work with anyone in the world in person, video, or phone.

I work with ages 18 and up.


At this time, I do not work with eating disorders, couples, or severe mental health diagnosis such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders.

If you desire deep healing with God leading, with a sprinkle of traditional therapy, and recommendations for holistic support, I may be the right person for you.


Are you interested in learning how to integrate inner healing into counseling?

Are you interested in learning how to be a Christian counselor and do not know where to start?

Or maybe you just want some direction on how to find the best support for you.

I am happy to spend time with you to guide and support you.  Consults are usually one or two meetings.


My fee is $165 per session (sessions are 50-55 minutes) or $245.00 for 75-80 minutes. The temperament exam is $55. This will be an important piece to your counseling journey with me. $5 discount if paying with Venmo or Zelle.

I am unable to take insurance but can take HSA and FSA. These usually cover my services.


Fees for consultations are the same as session fees.

If you are interested in a group setting (in person or video) to tackle spiritual issues, reach out to me and I will give you group pricing. Some common topics are: walking out forgiveness and breaking off soul, spirit, and body ties.

If you are needing financial assistance, sometimes your church will help pay for your counseling. You will have to discuss that arrangement with your church.


Temperament is an important piece of the puzzle. We rarely understand our temperament (we are born with temperament...our personality develops around age 3 based on different factors) and how that plays out in our relationships. Learning your temperament can help you know yourself better and help you flourish by honoring your inborn needs. 

If you are ready for counseling and want to connect, contact me here. 

Words from a few clients.... 

" Kimberlee is a true blessing. The way she is able to guide you through the sessions as you work on your issues is remarkable. Thank you for being such an effective tool for the Kingdom."

"Kimberlee was amazing! We left feeling heard and cared for."

"Thanks, Kimberlee! I have a new picture of myself today. One of being loved by God."

"There is nothing to say other than praise God, and thank you for your help!"

"Kimberlee is a gifted therapist and just what I need doing this season in my life."

"The work we have done was pivotal for me. I am doing much better than when we met last time."


If I am not the person to work with you, I pray you to find just the right person to work with. I invite you to use my newest tool, My Christian Counseling Companion as you go through counseling. It is a helpful resource for personal reflection and can help you focus and draw closer to God. Check it out here.


Also, feel free to sign up on the home page to receive emails about various things that may interest you!

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