If you find you want to work with me for counseling, I would be honored.  My fee is $125 a session (sessions are 55-60 minutes). Temperament exam is $50.

I offer three types of counseling:

1. Traditional Pastoral counseling.  

2. Combination of Pastoral Counseling and Inner Healing prayer counseling.

3. Just inner healing (this is helpful if you are already seeing someone for counseling. This is especially helpful for couples who are in marriage counseling but need healing for triggers. You can stay with your marriage counselor but see me for the healing stuff).

I work with ages 13 and up right now.

If you are needing financial assistance, sometimes your church will help pay your counseling fees. You will have to discuss it with your church.


HSA accounts (this is a type of health insurance coverage) usually cover my services.

Praying you find just the right person for you!