I am always available for prayer. Just email me and I am on it.


Redeemed Hope Ministries is meant to reach many people to educate that God heals! I focus on emotional healing and see my clients receive freedom all the time. This site offers education on inner healing/prayer counseling as well as resources. I am hoping you find this site fruitful and are hungry for truth in your soul.


If you find you want to work with me for counseling, I would be honored.  My fee is $90 a session (sessions are 55-60 minutes). Temperament exam is $50.

If you are needing financial assistance, sometimes your church will help pay your counseling fees. You will have to discuss with your church.


HSA accounts (this is a type of health insurance coverage) usually cover my services.

               Why See Me for Counseling?


* I have been in practice for 15 years. My background of being a licensed psychotherapist for 12 years brings extensive experience to our sessions.


* I am able to bridge my counseling training with inner healing/prayer counseling in our sessions.


* Since I relinquished my state-license, you will neither encounter a diagnosis, nor the state having access to your records. You will instead get a full temperament report.


* You will find a professional atmosphere, where we talk, process and discuss tools to help outside of our time.


* I am more affordable than traditional professional Christian counseling and you will usually find quicker relief.


* I work with most issues.


* Instead of just band-aids (tools) and processing, my goal is healing for my clients.


* Many clients that have had years of professional counseling find relief and healing when they encounter God in our sessions. In fact, my type of work can complement your traditional counseling.


*  You will grow closer to God as you receive healing from Him in our sessions.


*  I know when to refer to professional counseling and/or medical professionals.  


*  I am conveniently located near Tatum and Shea and see clients in the evenings and Saturdays. 


*  If you are not local, we can use Zoom (free app for video conferencing) or just a phone session.


Finding the right person to work with can be challenging.  It may not be with me.  I am praying that you find the perfect counselor for you!