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GEM's are a newish product I am creating. My first one can be heard on YouTube here.

What's a GEM?

GEM's are guided meditations that lead you first into relaxation, then into a story with you interacting with Jesus.


I created these for several reasons. 


First, I had a hard time meditating on God's word.


I could not focus. 


Music helped, but then I had to read or guide myself to Jesus and it was just hard.  

I found out I was not the only one.  Maybe you are in this group, too?

Then I learned from a few clients that they really struggled with inner healing. There was too much pressure.

Plus I had experienced visual guided meditations several years ago and really enjoyed them.

Then I searched online for something to help me with meditations. I found some nice ones, but I did not find what would really help me or my clients.

Add in reading Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Leaf.  She teaches the science behind renewing your mind. 

So, I prayed and felt God lead me to create my own.


With my own unique twist.

More are coming.  Personalized ones are in the works.

Stay tuned....

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    I am an out of the box licensed clinical pastoral counselor & inner healing facilitator who helps wounded people heal. Are you ready?


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