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Redeemed Hope 

Counseling.  Growing.  Healing.

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For the person who's been stuck in life, triggers easily, is tired of just coping, or feels there's something deeper going on, there is hope.

As a child of God, you have been redeemed, so there is hope for many things -- including growing closer to God & emotional healing that lasts.

If you find yourself looking for help to mend broken parts of your soul, be free of depression and odd thoughts, receive deliverance, grow closer to God, & you are open to holistic support, welcome.

You have found your resource.

Feel free to linger on this site to feed your curiosity and hopefully learn what you need.

When the time is right, perhaps you will want to read a book or two of mine.

Maybe you will want to take a class (those are coming).

Or maybe, just maybe you will want to work with me. 

Your journey is your own. I am here to provide some fuel through blog posts and resources.

Know this dear one, God is on your side.




You are never alone.

Welcome home.

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