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Can Christians Be Enlightened?

Sarah was invisible. At least... she believed she was.

Sarah's parents (without realizing) abandoned her need to be nurtured for her brother who had special needs.

At 3, Sarah's rational mind did not understand this. She only felt the sting of being pushed aside. A lie was born at that early age. A lie that told her other people were more important than she was. This lie grew and guided her unhealthy decisions for 30+ years.

Do you know what invisible feels like?

- When you walk into a store and the worker does not acknowledge you but says "hello" when others walk in.

- When you are standing in line and another person cuts in front of you. When you point it out, they truly act as though they did not see you.

- When you work your hiney off at work and do not get promoted or get the raise the others are receiving.

- When your friends don't think to invite you out.

- You really question if you matter and if others really do not see you.

It is so weird.

So, what happened to Sarah? She is no longer invisible.

Sarah was enlightened.

What is enlightenment exactly?

Well, if you ask a Buddhist, he may tell you it's when man is free from being reincarnated. A Hindu may tell you it's when you have a divine experience with Vishnu. Someone who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries would tell you it is a celebration of human reason.

What kind of enlightenment I am referring to?

So let's back up a bit...why were people treating Sarah that way?

Now, this may throw you a bit, but her lie was something that was being subconsciously broadcasted to those around her. They were "honoring" her beliefs about herself. They treated Sarah how she saw herself. I'm not making this up. Really.

You already know how this works. Look around. You see the person with low self-esteem, the "leader" of the group, the person with no voice. We tend to treat them as they are, especially if we do not know them well.

Sarah did not believe she was important enough for people to take time for her. She was also not a Christ-follower for most of her life. No one was pouring words of encouragement or Christ's love into her. You can imagine the careless choices she made during that time.

Choices which demanded unhealthy attention.

Sarah sat in my office pre-enlightenment. She was pleasant, nervous, and determined to get rid of being invisible. She did not know why she was invisible, she just knew people treated her as such.

Sarah had become a Christ-follower a few years before our session and had heard of inner healing. She had been in traditional counseling several times before we met. She learned great coping skills and new healthy ways to get noticed by seasoned professional therapists.

After years of therapy and thousands of dollars later, she still felt invisible.

When we prayed about this issue in our session together, the Holy Spirit brought memory clips to her. Clips of stressed out, young parents. Clips of fear spreading throughout her home and not being comforted. Clips of her parents no longer paying attention to the choices she was making.

In the midst of the stress and fear, He was there. Jesus. Was. There.

Jesus was there with Sarah. In those memories. Jesus showed her how He was playing dolls with her in the living room. How He was pouring life into her when her parents could not. He was cheering her on.

Jesus explained how important Sarah was to Him and He never left her.


Now, I could tell Sarah these same things and it would mean nothing to her. It would not change her heart or lies about herself.

But when Jesus spoke HIS truth to her, HIS divine knowledge changed her life. He changed her lie into a truth that Sarah could walk in.

Sarah was enlightened.

She received a spiritual enlightenment that changed the course of her life.

Now when she walks into a store, she is acknowledged. People no longer cut in line. People smile and say hello. People invite her out.

It was totally weird when the shift happened. Something she is still getting used to. Praise God she is free!

Does Jesus only enlighten Christ-followers?


When I was working in a secular setting, I had several non-Christian clients. I used inner healing on 3 of them (they were open to it). All 3 were healed of a lie that was preventing them from really living life. They were all enlightened and could move forward in their lives. They experienced freedom!

Know that you too can be enlightened. You can be free! See Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:23, 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5, John 8:30-32, John 17:15-17, and Galatians 5:1.

Do you feel stuck in an area? Do you hold onto lies that create barriers to life (wait--we all do...) Where do you go from here?

Your Action Steps:

Find a Christian counselor that offers inner healing (see post on this subject here and here). Once you are free, you must keep that freedom. See that post here.

Or contact me! I am taking clients right now (sometimes I get too full and can't take on people). I can meet in person or on video/phone.

May you be blessed as you walk in enlightenment (God's truth) from Jesus!

Cheering you on!

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