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Transformed with Transformational Prayer

Do you know the feeling of carrying a heavy purse or bag of groceries? Now imagine carrying that load all day long.

Never putting them down. They even lay on top of you when you sleep. You get the picture?

I do.

Emotional wounds can feel like the weight of heavy objects. These wounds never leave us. Ever. Oh, we may focus on something else and are not conscious of them.

But they are still there.

After a while, we feel the weight of depression or anxiety but do not remember what caused it. We have distant memories buried deep in our subconscious.

In this post, I share about my first spirit-led counseling session and my own work (yes, on myself) that released a few of these very heavy bags. My hope is that you will hear my experience and be encouraged to get your own healing to release your emotional heavy bags.

Several years ago I was told about Transformational prayer by two of my clients. It so changed them that I knew I had to learn what this was about. It sounded very New Age to me (you know, it was really spiritual and with my background in New Age I was very leery of anything spiritual) and I was a concerned my clients had been sucked into something that was not of God.

So, I did my research. I was intrigued and confused about how this stuff worked. As odd as this may sound, I could not find anyone in my area to lead me through a session. No one.

A few years after learning about this, God led me to my teacher. I had to move to another state to meet this person, but that was okay. God's timing is perfect even in my impatience. I joined this year-long training without even knowing how it worked.

After several weeks of book and video work, it was time to see it in action within our group. When it was my turn, I had no idea what the Lord had in store for me. I knew I had mother wounds in my heart from a mom who did the best she could in her circumstances. So I expected those issues to surface.

They didn't.

God showed me that the issues He wanted to heal that day had to do with my dad. I won't go into all the details, but the Holy Spirit showed me those heart wounds were the ones that needed attention. Loss and neglect spilled out with my tears.

The Lord showed me why I made unhealthy decisions growing up. They were caused by a father wound.

This was not to blame my dad. In many, many ways he was a great dad.

What the Lord showed me was the missing puzzle piece that I had questioned for so long.

Through my college years I made REALLY bad choices and I had no idea why. I had not been molested or abused. I came from a decent family.

While, on the outside, our family seemed great, I had a dad who was focused on his work and both my parents, who were taking care of my special needs brother, forgot to speak life into my life. He (and my mom) had neglected my emotional needs, unknowing to him.

He was not a jerk.

He always encouraged me, but he did not breathe God's truth of who I was created to be.

When I was three, my brother was born with muscular dystrophy. I was immediately put on the side so they could focus on him. I felt the weight of neglect and abandonment.

A hole was created and I spent my young adult life trying to fill it.

A father's job is to speak truth into his daughter's soul. Without this, and without intervention, you may have a daughter that seeks male attention in unhealthy ways. Or chooses wrong decisions because she does not see value in her life.

By the time my session was done, God showed me the way to forgive my dad. The lies I believed about who I was were revealed, healed, and replaced with God's truth. I had a cloak of peace around me, the peace that only God can give. It was AH-MAZ-ING!

Moving forward to the work I did on my own...

For years I had noticed a heaviness on my throat. It was like an invisible weight.

So, after learning and believing that I had the authority to cast out demons and that I can connect to God and hear Him (you can, too!). I decided to do some work on that weight on my neck.

I asked the Lord to show me what was causing the weight on my neck. He showed me something like a clock, except the clock did not have numbers. It had symbols and pictures. My spirit knew what they meant. It had to do with the 15 years of New Age stuff that I had been involved with. The Lord showed me how to deal with each symbol/picture and as I did, the symbol disintegrated and flew off.

When I was done with each of them, the weight that had been pressing my neck for years was gone.


Praise GOD!

After this, I soaked in all I could about different inner healing ministries (a catch-all term for the Lord healing emotional wounds). I then learned about healing rooms and that physical healings still occur today.

Did you know that many times a physical issue is caused by an emotional issue?

I then found Communion with God Ministries and took the class How to Hear God's Voice.

We all have heart wounds. Traditional therapy is great and helpful, but will usually not get to the root. Sometimes you do need to trim around the edges for a while until you can go after roots.

Traditional counseling and inner healing can go hand in hand.

Now you know a piece of my story. I am grateful to share it with you.

Now it's your turn.

Your turn to heal so that you can minister and help others.

Your Action Plan:

Pray. Ask God what He wants you to learn. To hear Him? Then visit here. To understand more about the spiritual realm? Then look at this. Want to have your own healing? Go here to find someone in your area (or on-line) to make an appointment OR contact me.

Before any spiritual warfare can be done, you must know your authority in Christ. Without that, you will cause more problems within the spiritual realm. You do not want that.

I am praying for each one of you that reads this. Praying for wisdom and for you to encounter God in a beautiful healing way.

Cheering you on!

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